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We don’t want consumers who need money to think that they have to wait for their next salary to get it. That’s what payday loans are for! They are a way to begin using money that you don’t have yet. The way it works is that we will help you find a lender. When that lender sends you an offer, you have the option of accepting it or not. When signed and accepted, you’ll get the cash quickly. Use it for anything on your list of bills to pay, without restrictions.

Fast Cash Today

If you need money urgently today, why should you spend time looking for lenders? Save time by using our list of quality lenders.

Use our fast service

We have a service to offer you when you need to get money quickly. Our service takes the hassle out of finding a lender. We’ll share our list of lenders with you so you can get a loan contract quickly.

No Extra Fees

You don’t need to worry about hidden fees when you send your online request to Duke Payday Loans. Our services are free and whatever you need to pay to the lender is clearly listed before you sign.

Benefits of Online Payday Loans

Various Credit Types Welcome

When we share your request for cash with our lenders, you will get a chance at being accepted no matter what type of credit background you have.

Automatic Payment

After you get your cash, you can set up your loan payment to be deducted from your bank account automatically. There’s no need to worry about monthly payments.

Simple Borrowing

The days of stressful appointments with your personal banker are finished. Now, you don’t even need to leave your house when you want to request a payday loan. Go online, submit your request and you’re finished!

Here Are Answers to the Most Common Questions

The amount of cash involved in a payday loan depends on how much you expect to receive in your next paycheck. Payday loans are only provided as short term loans, with the expectation that they will be repaid by your next salary.

Personal loans can be for varying amounts and terms of payment. Payday loans, however, are directly connected to how much you earn and how much you can back pack when your upcoming salary comes in. As short term loans, payday loans are given in the amount and with the due date that corresponds to your next paycheck. Payday loans are normally requested when a consumer has trouble making it from one paycheck to the next, whether it’s due to a low paycheck or to mounting and urgent expenses that need to be covered.

There are a few standard documents required when requesting an online payday loan. Plan to have a government-issued photo ID along with the details of your bank account, your current email account and documents you can show that prove your income. If your lender needs more information, you’ll be notified.

The time required depends on when you send in your online inquiry form. Normally, the connection can take place very quickly. Start now by sending us your online inquiry form.

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